How to have healthy rental relationships


The key to a healthy relationship between agents,  landlords and tenants,  is communication and respect.

If you’re a landlord,  listen to your agent – they have the experience on how to manage and present your property. They can tell you if there may be risk factors, such as torn carpet or vinyl, or cracks in windows or shower screens, and how best to address them.  Agents are a valuable source of advice on getting the best value out of your property, which can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint.

One of the most important factors in successfully managing rental properties is being realistic with the rent. Your agent should know the market and be able to provide you with comparable property rentals.

Talk to your agent; don’t be afraid to ask questions about tenancy applications, inspections, end of tenancy, maintenance and selling your investment. You need to be able to trust your property manager to care for and manage your asset.

All relationships are a two-way street and it is every bit as important for an agent to listen to their landlord as it is for a landlord to listen to their agent.

Everyone has a story behind their investment – ranging from pure business transactions with little or no emotion attached, to the family home, where each room holds precious memories.

Agents need to respect the instructions of their landlord, as wel las guiding landlords through the maze of legislation that must be applied. Respect and open communication is also important for tenants. If you’re a tenant, listen to your agent – they have to weave through a maze of legislation to ensure a tenancy runs smoothly.

It is sensible practice to talk to your property manager if there are any issues concerning your tenancy. Your property manager can then discuss your concerns with the landlord to reach a resolution. But again, agents need to listen to tenants. Everyone deserves respect in the manner in which they are treated.  Agents form relationships with tenants that may span years; treating each other with respect can make sure those are good years.

Written by Gina Tobolov – West End Real Estate. Article featured in Ruby Magazine