Another season over, where does the time go? Time for property maintenance Geelong

It’s that time of year when we need to consider some maintenance and servicing of appliances around the home.

The days and nights are cooler and it’s time to put the heaters on again. Before you do that, you might want to consider a bit of a check-up for your appliances. When was the last time you serviced your heater? Maybe it smells a bit on the dusty/musty side. A reputable plumber can service your gas heater and check the
carbon monoxide level.

Did you know that a smoke detector may only have a life span of 10 years? Smoke detectors should be checked and serviced on a regular basis. Most of us have had ‘change your clock, change your smoke detector battery’ drummed into us for years now. Many of us think that if we change the battery twice a year and push the button to check if the alarm sounds, then we are secure knowing the alarm will sound in the case of smoke/fire. There are smoke detector companies who will service, check and change your smoke detectors.

Autumn has come and gone, the leaves have fallen – into your gutters, and sometimes a tree has even sprouted. Cleaning gutters of debris may save you money. In many instances, a ceiling leak inside your home is a result of blocked gutters, a cracked roof tile or hole in the iron roof. It would be prudent to have your gutters cleaned annually.

And what about the gardens? Do the roses need a prune? If you are one of the lucky ones who is an ace gardener, you will know what to do, but if you are anything like me, (who can’t even grow mint), you may wish to hire the services of a local gardener to prune your trees and roses.

A tip for thought: Remember, if you hire a tradesperson to complete maintenance around the home; don’t be afraid to ask for his/her credentials, including insurance cover. A reputable tradie shouldn’t have a problem providing this information.

Stay safe and stay warm.

West End Real Estate – Article featured in Ruby Magazine Winter 2014 Edition