Preparing your home for lease

As an agent, part of our service to you is to advise on preparing your investment for lease.

You should ensure that your investment is presented in the best light to attract a quality tenancy.

The following tips may assist in preparing your home for the next tenancy:

  • Make sure the home is clean. It is recommended that you go into the home after each tenancy and give it another clean, just to give it hat extra sparkle.
  • ┬áHave a look at the walls, when was the last time they were painted, do they look a little tired? Consider painting
  • If you are moving out of your family home or the tenancy, declutter. This is an ideal time to discard unwanted furniture and goods.
  • Arrange furniture to show the property in its best possible light. Not everyone is able to imagine a furnished house.
  • Have some artwork on the wall, but consider removing personal photos and items of value.
  • Ensure the home is inviting. If it’s hot – turn on the cooler, if it’s cold – warm the property up.
  • Maintain the gardens, prune roses and trees to look their best.

Many of the above mentioned tips are inexpensive, but there will come a time when a landlord will have to invest in maintenance to ensure the property remains in a condition suitable for leasing.