Managing the holidays

It’s hard to believe summer is here once morepacking

The mad flurry of people organising for Christmas, hunting for presents, arranging the festive lunch and attending end of year functions all adds to the stress that comes with the holiday season. With all these preparations underway landlords and tenants need to remember a few things.


If you are planning to go away, please notify your property manager regarding repairs and contact details. Whilst most tenancies run smoothly during this period, there is always the chance that something may go wrong. Keep in mind that if an urgent matter needs attention, then the Residential Tenancies Act Requires the maintenance to be attended to.


If you are planning a vacation, it is also wise to notify your landlord or property manager. Leave emergency contact details in the event that the property needs to be accessed during your absence. Take a common sense approach when taking a leave of absence from your home. Have someone check your home regularly, including the collection of mail. You might think about setting automatic lights and sprinkler systems throughout your time away, or consider a house sitter while you are absent.

Enjoy the summer months, have a safe holiday, a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As seen in Ruby Magazine Summer Edition 2014: Written by Gina Tobolov, West End Real Estate Property Management, Geelong West