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Landlords – Leasing and Managing Authority explained

Potential landlords should know what documentation is required before engaging the services of a property manager. In this week’s podcast, Gina and Rosa discuss why you need to sign the Leasing and Managing Authority and some of the legalities involved with the Authority.  

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Vacating a rental property in Geelong and surrounds

Moving home at the end of a tenancy can be stressful, there are so many items to ‘tick’ off before handing your keys back to your agent. Once you have given the required notice to vacate, your agent may send you a confirmation of the notice received, a check list of what you need to...

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Know your criteria before leasing a property

Having a check list before searching for a rental property is a useful tool. Write your wish list of ‘must haves’ and ‘ desires’ in a property. For example, what type of heating is preferred, do you need cooling. Consider if you need to be close to particular amenities, especially schools, public transport. Look at...

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Lease renewals – Geelong Property Manager

In this weeks podcast, we discuss the advantages of renewing your lease. Renewing your lease will give you security of knowing where you are going to live for a fixed period of time and it also gives the owner security knowing that a fixed term tenancy is in place. As a tenant, you will know...

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Managing the risk of your investment property

Geelong landlords, have you ever thought about purchasing an investment property and then had second thoughts because it all seems very hard and very, very risky? At West End Real Estate, we do our best to manage risk prior to a tenancy commencing. We will come and appraise your property and provide  you with a...

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