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Before investing in property in Geelong talk to a property manager

With the oversupply of investment property available in the current Geelong market, it is important to make an informed business decision about your purchase. Research and preparation are key elements in assisting with the process and an investor should consider some of the following points: Location: It is rare these days for an investor to...

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Why the right property manager matters – Geelong

Many years ago when I had absolutely no knowledge of property management, I responded to a family who were in dire need of a roof over their head. Before I knew it, they had moved into our vacant property. Unfortunately they didn’t move in as legitimate tenants, but as squatters. I had no idea how...

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Property management Geelong – A year in review

As 2015 draws to a close we can take the time to reflect the property market from a rental perspective. Three years ago rental yields were at an all time high and in my years as property manager I had not seen such high rents, with demand pushing them even higher. Turn to 2015 and...

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