Frequently Asked Questions

Where are West End Real Estate’s offices located?

Our office is located at 73 Pakington Street, Geelong West.

Do you only do property management or does West End Real Estate also sell properties?

West End Real Estate is a boutique property management firm. Our main focus is providing landlords and tenants with the best Geelong rental property management.

How do I get a list of your Geelong properties currently available for lease?

Our Geelong property rental management team posts available Geelong rental properties online. You’re also welcome to visit our office for a complete list of property rentals.

Our lease is coming up on our current rental property – when is it a good time to talk to you about available properties?

West End Real Estate Geelong rental managers value the opportunity to get to know you and the type of property you’re looking for – well before your next property is needed. We encourage you to talk to our Geelong property manager at least two months prior to the end of your current lease.

I’m a frustrated tenant who needs to know that our needs will be looked after. How is West End Real Estate different from other property management firms?

While we are here to protect the interests of our landlords, our Geelong real estate property management team is also here to ensure our tenants have their concerns responded to in a sympathetic and timely fashion. Our team is friendly, approachable and professional.

I’m a property investor that is looking for Geelong rental property managers – how do I go about it?

Contact West End Real Estate and we will arrange a time to come and see you and your property. Our real estate property management team will do a thorough assessment of your property and help you ascertain the weekly rental it is likely to attract. If you agree, we can get the Geelong property rental management process started.

Where do your advertise your available Geelong properties for rent?

Our property managers list all available properties on