Tenants / Renters - Info From Your Geelong Property Managers

Rental Property Management

Helping you find the right rental property is our priority at West End Real Estate. We are a friendly, professional team committed to assisting tenants finding the right home for their needs.

Our property managers see themselves as the vital link between tenants and their landlords. We also strive to list the best and most comprehensive range of rental properties available in Geelong and surrounding areas.

Do you want to deal with a property manager who is fair and considerate? If so, see the information below and look at our online listings of Geelong rental properties currently available.

Choosing a rental property

West End Real Estate lists Geelong rental properties online, which gives comprehensive information on each of the homes we have for lease, including photographs and the rent you can expect to pay.

Our property managers encourage tenants searching for a home to consider carefully which style of house would best suit their needs including: how many bedrooms, whether car parking is a priority, the location and the amount of rent you’re prepared to pay each week.

We welcome prospective tenants to visit our offices at 73 Pakington St, Geelong West, to discuss their needs.

How do I apply for a rental property?

Finding the right rental property can be exciting, but we also understand it can be stressful with often multiple applications for each property.

West End Real Estate encourages prospective tenants to be organised and familiarise themselves with our Rental Property Application Form. Each tenant must also be able to provide 100 points of identification, references, information about previous addresses and your rental history, employment information and next of kin details.

To apply for a property, the first step is to fill out a Rental Property Application Form and submit it for consideration. Our West End Real Estate property managers will then contact you at an appropriate time to discuss your application.

What is a bond?

Tenants are required by law to pay a Bond prior to moving into a rental property, which is an amount of money that is held in trust to be used to cover the cost of any damage to the property, cleaning requirements, rent arrears and other items.

Bonds are lodged with the Residential Bond Authority and the amount equals a calendar month’s rent. Because the Bond is lodged with the Authority, West End Real Estate asks that tenants pay the Bond in a separate bank cheque or money order to the first month’s rent.

Tenants can apply for their Bond to be released by the Authority at the end of their tenancy, after you’ve return the keys to your house rental and the property has been inspected.

How do I pay rent?

Rent may be paid weekly, fortnightly or per calendar month via direct credit, Centerpay or at any Bendigo Bank. This arrangement will be established upon signing the lease for your rental property.

If a tenant falls 14 clear days in rental arrears, West End Real Estate may serve the tenant with a Notice to Vacate the property.

Initial inspection of the rental property

Prior to you moving into your rental property, the property managers at West End Real Estate conduct a thorough inspection of the house and fill out a comprehensive condition report. This report also details the fixtures and fittings in the home.

Before you move into the property you will be given a copy of the report and the opportunity to inspect the house to ensure you agree with our property manager’s assessment of the home’s condition.

Routine inspections

West End Real Estate will conduct a routine property inspection three months after you first move into the property, and every six to nine months thereafter. Landlords can request to be present during any routine inspection. Tenants are notified of the date and time routine inspections by letter.

The final inspection

When you move out of your rental property, a West End Real Estate property manager will inspect the house and compare its state to the Condition Report that was formulated at the initial inspection of the property.

Repairs and maintenance

If you feel your rental property needs maintenance or repairs, the first step is to immediate contact our office and fill out a Maintenance Request Form. Upon approval of your landlord, West End Real Estate will facilitate repairs by a qualified tradesperson.

If you organise maintenance that is deemed not urgent or not the landlord’s responsibility – you could be liable for payment of the account.

Moving out or ending a lease

At the end of the tenancy you can end your agreement by giving 28-days notice – in writing – prior to the date that your agreement is due to expire. If you intend to move out of your rental property, please fill in the Notice to Vacate Form.

Deciding to break your tenancy agreement prior to it is due to expire is the same as breaking a contract and you will be liable for rent that the landlord was due under the contract, as well as the cost of releasing the property.

If you have any other questions about leasing a Geelong rental property via West End Real Estate contact us via email or phone (03) 5291 3529.